Health, treatment, and development for the future

     New therapeutic concept.      NTANerve Transmission Adjustment)


NTA is an abbreviation for Nerve Transmission Adjustment.
NTA is an effective, harmless and safe treatment method, devised by combining Chinese I Ching and Chinese medicine, Indian Ayurveda, wave theory, homeopathy, resonance field theory, biological energy theory, etc, as the ethics of life. 


People live from the past to the present, and connect their lives to the future.
People look back on the past, concentrate on the present, and clarify what the future should be, then make it true. NTA gains freedom from independence. NTA is the health of the future, the cure of the future, and the development of capacity for the future. 

NTA is recommended for such people!


The NTA is recommended for those who have gone to the hospital because they are not feeling well, but have troubles that the cause is unknown or that they cannot be cured at all.
This method reduces illness, enhances vitality, and promotes mental and physical activity.
This is an adjustment method made to help you send a healthy and cheerful life. This method was devised by Mr. Murata, who made Rituzen walking. There are many disciples all over the country. 

NTA treatment policy


It regulates the balance of the body and the functions of the cerebrospinal nerve and autonomic nerve. Unlike conventional treatments, it is a safe and soft treatment. 


What is NTA, a treatment method developed by Mr. Kazuyoshi Murata 

Brain restart


I don't have time to explain in detail to the people who received my treatment, so I would like to use this page to talk.First of all, the most interesting thing about this treatment is that it removes stress (noise from brain cells).Same as your computer, it's like restarting a frozen computer.This alone will make your head clearer. Next, it improves the circulatory system in the body, so that the body gets warmer by getting rid of cold and swelling. The skeleton can be balanced, so it is also effective for back pain and stiff shoulders. Actually, what is interesting about this treatment is that the more you receive it, the more the distortion (noise) of your body, mind and consciousness disappears, then it makes both your body and mind clear. Therefore, those who come regularly are writers, musicians, creators, IT engineer, and such a brain worker. Then, as we proceed with treatment while investigating the cause of the deterioration, we will be aware of various things. 

Capacity development for the future


The true purpose of this treatment is also to develop the ability to live a higher level of life.
Now, I have a question for everyone. What is the vitality that keeps you alive?
It can be said that it is just a part of the law of motion of the universe.
It seems that living organisms are called microcosms.
To briefly explain the law of motion of the universe, there is polarity (+ ,-), and rotation is performed while balancing around the axis.
Example: Galaxy → Sun → Earth → Human 


In the Chinese cosmology "I Ching," this is said to be "first Taiji, then yin and yang, and then spring, summer, autumn, and winter." When this is replaced with a living body, the autonomic nerves (sympathetic nerves and parasympathetic nerves) control the vitality (Taiji), and

the metabolism of cells is maintained by the body circulation (blood, lymph, body fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, qi, etc.). 


From a global perspective of this relationship, it can be said that the microcosm (people) is being utilized by the cosmos. 

Adjust body, mind, and consciousness distortion


By controlling this neural system and the internal circulation system, the NTA adjusts and resets not only body strain but also mental and consciousness strain (stress, etc.). 


My theory is that "If human beings have an axis in their mind and body and can efficiently increase their vitality, they can be a cure for illness. It will also be a health method for living a rich life, and a skill development method for enhancing one's individuality and ability. "
Based on this idea, we hold a seminar called the NTA Master Course, where you can learn NTA treatment techniques while enhancing your own sensibility. In addition, based on NTA's theory, we jointly developed a treatment device Remesis that uses light with a specialized manufacturer of treatment machines.


Murata Treatment Room 


#203 Belvedere Jiyugaoka 6-21-12 Okusawa, Setagaya-ku,Tokyo-to 158-0083 JAPAN


Consultation day  /  Treatment time

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.       9:30 to 17:00


Reservation phone number

By appointment only : 03-3703-7092


Nearest station

Tokyu Toyoko Line, Jiyugaoka Station(600m)

Tokyu Meguro Line, Okusawa Station(700m)


There is no sign on the front. The red brick building is a landmark.

Please enter the entrance, and call "203" with the intercom. 


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